Bandit's Banter

I can't remenber ever being as busy as I have been these past few weeks.   Especially not so close to Christmas, when most folks are winding down the end of the year, and getting set to enjoy the holiday season.  Well, maybe I was this busy back when I was in university, lo these many years ago.   But, while I'm going to take Christmas Day off, I expect I'll have lots to keep me occupied over the holidays.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  Everything that's keeping me busy is comics related, and every project on my plate is one in which I have willingly and happily taken on.  Still, there are evenings when I'd rather spend the time doing something else: reading a book, playing some computer games (I still haven't had a chance to play my recently-acquired copy of Unreal yet), or maybe even just vegging out in front of the TV.  Heck, I've even started getting up early on the weekends, and that is something I am most definitely not known for.  Weekends are meant for sleeping in, after all!  But I want to get all this work done.

In some ways, it feels like I'm back at university.  Quite frankly, I feel as if I'm pursuing a degree in Cartooning, if you will.  When will I get my "degree"?  When I'm earning a living at this, of course.  Not sure when that'll be, but I do feel I'm getting closer to this goal with each day.  You the readers are my "profs", and so far, I seem to be getting a passing grade.  But if I want to get my degree, I have to pay my dues, as many of you are doing, as you pursue your own university degrees.  Nobody is going to pay them for us, after all.

The strip itself is not what's keeping me extra-busy, though it is a lot of work.  It is the side projects that have been making me put in some overtime.  Fortunately, my work on the Plan Nine Christmas Annual 2000 is out of the way.  But unfortunately, my work on the next Bruno the Bandit book is not.  I didn't help matters at all when, the other day, I accidentally deleted the color version of the second books cover!  AAUUUGGGH!!!  But, that's not the main reason for the book's delay.  Fortunately, my publisher has moved the printing date for the next book to the Spring of 2001 when, I swear by Ailix, it will be ready!  I was hoping to have the thing ready by Christmas, but the fault for it not being available at this time is entirely mine.

Then there's the Top Secret Project I'm working on at the moment, which, if all goes well, you should be seeing in mid-January, or thereabouts.  I'm actually somewhat nervous about this project; much more nervous than I was about running the No Offense! story.   I think this project will get a reaction, I just hope the reaction will be more positive than negative, that's all.  I will say that I have really enjoyed working on this item, as it has been a terrific artistic exercise.  Even worth postponing my first session of Unreal for.

In the meantime, here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, and a Splendid, Prosperous, and Totally Happenin' New Year for 2001.  Thanks as always for reading, and we'll talk to y'all in January.

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