When Bruno Fans Attack!

I'm happy to report that some of you more artistic types out there have been inspired enough to share with me some of your own renditions of Bruno and company. I thought I would post them here and share them with everyone. Just click on the small image to see the full version. Enjoy! (Note: the latest additions have a blue border around them.)
Mark Stanley with Bruno the Opthalmologist
Mark Stanley (April Fool's '99)
Mark Stanley (Bruno meets Bruno)
Thomas K. Dye's chesty Bruno
Phlip C. Plumlee (BTB Virtual Pet)
Fiona, by Alan Foreman
Mike Dominic ('96 boitday card)
Mike Dominic ('98 boitday card)
Dynamic Tension, by Mike Dominic
Mike Dominic: Bruno goes to Hollywood
Mike Dominic: The Rothland Tribune
David Rooney: my new computer
Jeremy Beck: Aquatic Bruno (a story in progress)
Rudi Gunther: battling Bruno
Hermann Gunnar Siguršsson
Reyer Withrow: Captain Bunkleyutz
Pencil Sketch by Marc Seebass
Bob Roberds' answer to Thomas Dye's pic
Bruno as a monk, by Mark R.P. Visser
A Triumvirate of Evil, by Rudi Gunther
Bruno and Fiona, by Cory Reeve
Look at the size of that thing!
Daryl Basarte: What kind of a pet...?
Right Said Bruno, by William Adams
Bruno and Fiona, by Rosalin

Well, I'm pleased to report that this section is starting to grow, but hey, there's plenty more room, so keep that artwork coming!  If you're one of them artistic/cartoonist types, I'd love to see you do a version of Bruno and company for me. E-mail me a copy, and it could wind up here.