Bandit's Banter

As mentioned in the November 2001 Bandit's Banter, I had to reduce the schedule of Bruno the Bandit from 6 strips a week to 3 strips, due to some matters of a personal nature that needed attending to.  Well, I wish I was here to say that I'm going back to my regular schedule, but unfortunately, I cannot.  Until further notice, Bruno the Bandit will be remaining at 3 strips per week schedule.

Basically, I have to stop treating this as a full-time job, and go back to treating it as a fun little hobby.  It's time for me to start looking for so-called real work, as there doesn't appear, at the moment, to be any way to earn a living with my strip.  Believe me, if I could take on a full-time job, and maintain a 6 strip a week schedule, I would.  I don't know how so many of my fellow online 'toonists are able to do it.  Maybe I'm just lazy.

Still, my goal is to get back to a 6 strip a week schedule, so by no means is this a sign that I'm planning to quit the strip or anything.  In fact, I'm currently hard at work putting together the third Bruno the Bandit collection, tentatively titled Bruno: Mad As Hell.  I've already finished drawing the 8 page bonus back-up story, and my friend Mike is in the process of coloring it.  I'm now working on a cover design that will, I hope, knock you sideways!

Anyway, it's time for me to join perhaps the majority of you reading this, as a member of the workforce.  I'm looking kind of forward to it (assuming I can even find a job, that is).  An income is always nice to have. :-)  Yes, this month's Banter is a short one, but what d'you expect?  I have resumes to write, doors to knock on, interviews to attend, and potential pointy-haired bosses to impress.  Somewhere there's a cubicle with my name on it!