Bandit's Banter

In last month's Banter, I brought up the possibility that I may have to reduce my Bandit output from 6 strips a week down to 3, as I wanted to look for "real" work. (Actually, it's the last thing, I "wanted" to do, but it was, I felt, a necessity.) The profits from banner advertising on Keenspot just aren't there any more, and that situation has changed for the worse since my last column.  Many of you e-mailed me to lament the possibility of a reduced Bruno schedule, but could understand why I would have to make such a move.  I certainly appreciate your understanding in this.

Fortunately, I have good news this month.  I have a new job, AND I'm still able to keep publishing Bruno the Bandit 6 strips a week!  Help has arrived in the form of my friends Pete Abrams and Tom Ricket.  Yes, I have become the latest pawn in the ever-growing Sluggy Freelance Cartooning Empire!  Pete and Tom approached me recently, to ask if I was interested in taking over some of the "grunt work" for them.  As a result, I now spend a couple of hours each day processing orders for Sluggy T-shirts, and other merchandise.  It's pretty good money for a few hours' work.  So now, if you have an order for some Sluggy goodies, and it gets screwed up, blame me!  Then again, blame Tom!  He was the one who hired me, after all, so it's all his fault. :-)

My thanks go out to Pete and Tom, for not only giving me a paying job, but also for giving me the opportunity to keep drawing Bruno 6 days a week.  They also saved me from the possiblity of returning to my previous place of employment, assuming I'd be able to fool my former employers into taking me back.  Then again, I don't want to burn my bridges, either.  It would've been, um, FANTASTICALLY GREAT to go back to work there!  Look at me say that with a big grin, the sort that eats.... well, never mind! ;-)

However, also in last month's Banter, I did lay down the possibility of pop-up ads appearing on this site, due to the lack of funds coming my way from current banner advertising.  While my new job is a great help for me in the financial department, I'm afraid to say that I still have given my permission to Keenspot to start running them on my site.  In this case, I'm allowing them for Keenspot's sake.  From what I understand, the 'Spot is starting to operate in the red.  The losses aren't huge, but I am getting concerned, and certainly don't want to see them go deeper in the hole on our (i.e. the cartoonists') account.   Right now, they could use our help, and since they've been so good to me, this is the least I can do for them.

Fortunately, there will be an alternative for those of you who absolutely can't stand pop-up ads, or banner ads, for that matter.  There will also be a Keenspot Premium service available, for those willing to pony up the dough in order to avoid seeing our ads.  So don't say we don't give you a choice! :-)