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What's the deal with the current story?

I felt I couldn't offer the latest Bruno story without some sort of explanation.  "The Tome of Xu'buxx" is not a new story, yet most of you probably haven't seen it yet.  So what's the deal here?

Last year, when I got my own domain name, I had to move my website (then with GeoCities) and all my comics to a new server, hosted by an outfit called Big Panda House.  They did a great job in archiving all my strips up to that point... but for some reason, they forgot to include "The Tome of Xu'buxx".  So, unbeknownst to most of you, there's been a gaping hole in my archives.  Rather than try and fix up the archives, I figured I would hold on to this story in case I needed to take some time off.  That time has now come.  The story itself is actually meant to follow the events in "The Streets of Suna", as opposed to the recently completed "Elysia" storyline, so you may wanna give "Streets" a quick re-read before you proceed.  Still "Tome" stands on its own, so to new readers, all you need to know is that Bruno just escaped from the law.

Currently, I am busy with a couple of Bruno and non-Bruno-related side projects that need my attention.  I hesitate to call any of this stuff "work" because, as with the strip itself,  most of it is a lot of fun to do.  But, also like the strip, these extra projects take a lot of effort, and are very time consuming.  So, I can assure you, this is a "working" vacation.  I need the time off to take care of these extra projects.  I didn't want to work on  them and the strip at the same time, as it may sacrifice the quality of both.  Now in actual fact, I've been trying to keep at least  two weeks ahead with regards to my storylines, so at the time of this writing (October 8th), my "vacation" has only one week to go.  The strip is my first priority, so, starting Monday, the 16th of October, it's back to work on it.  I probably won't have all my projects finished by then, but I will continue to work on them in my spare time.  This 3 week break has helped me put a good dent in these projects.

So, what are these projects I'm referring to?  Well, for one thing, I just finished drawing a 6 page Bruno story for the upcoming Plan Nine Publishing Christmas Annual 2000.  You won't want to miss how Bruno and his family would celebrate Christmas!  As well, publisher Dave Allen asked me to do the cover for this book, which I am currently working on (and hope to post on my website some time soon).  In addition to that, I'm working on getting the second Bruno book (working title: Bruno: Most Wanted) ready, and that includes putting together a bonus story for it.  As well, there's a Secret Project I'm involved in, which you should see within the next few months or so.  Curious?  Oh, you should be...

I suppose part of the problem has been poor time management on my part, but once I get these extra projects out of the way,  I am gonna start doing things a little differently.  This means drawing more than 6 strips a week, so I'll get further ahead in my work, and (in theory, at least) have the time to take care of extra projects as they come up.

As I say, "Tome" is new, yet not new.  It is not new to my long-time readers who remember my GeoCities site, or to those who own the first Bruno the Bandit book.  So, to those of you in this category, my apologies for three weeks of "re-runs".  But for those who haven't read it yet, hope you'll enjoy an early Bruno story.

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